write more, talk (shit) less.

Hey, this is my 1st writing on my new wordpress account. To tell you the truth, i’ve had 2 accounts online related to blogging.

The 1st (the blogspot account) was on academic purpose since i took English writing for academic purposes when i was a freshman in college. I didn’t take much effort to write and enjoy on the account because i was like “Oh, this blog remind me of my writing assignments, carp”. So, when the class ended, i’ve never signed in again and now ( don’t know how to feel sad or glad) the password of it has gone in my mind.

The 2nd account is my Tumblr acc (http://amaliahasnida.tumblr.com). This account is quite new. I made it because i thought i liked the the simplicity of it. You don’t always have to come up with new things to put in your blog. Just follow the most popular tumblr of someone else, reblog their posts, and voila you rock. But these days, i find tumblr a lil’ bit boring. I feel bored about the posts: the posts mainly talk about love, the wisdom of life, the happiness, and the bla bla bla. On the other hand, some tumblr account exposes too much anger, hates, or even pornography. So, i can’t help to feel bored about it.

That’s the bibliography of my blog accounts. As far as i concerned, i haven’t tell my ultimate reason why i finally get signed up in blog account again.

So now, why?

I love to spend my leisure (or sometimes my  it-feels-like-leisure-time-but-in-fact-you-have-lots-of-assignments time) in front of my laptop checking the social network site (read: Facebook) (and who doesn’t anyway?). Of course, people have the rights to talk about their opinion (yeah, this is a free country)but i find it less interesting when they use Facebook for insulting each other in their status updates, comments, photos, etc. Call me a peace maker, but i really don’t like that. When my news feed is full with something unpleasant, i switch my web page to my friends’ blogs. Most of the bloggers are my faculty mates in my college. Their writings vary from everyday life or simply their opinion about some topics. It’s simpler but i find more peace in their writings.

I can say that my new blog is dedicated to them.

Because they  do inspire me to explore more on my thoughts by writing or blogging.

Because they set the example first; to write more and talk shit less.



One comment

  1. Madean · · Reply

    holy molly! you made a blooog! me likey oh berry much! ehehehe
    gue juga berencana untuk membuat blog selepas jabatan gue di organisasi mahasiswa itu gue serahkan kepada someone else! ahahahaha

    wait and see ya 😀

    lots of kisses and hugs

    -Madean Rachmaninoff

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